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Blam L165P

Blam L165P

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Description OBS: PRISER AVSER PAR. For the strong sensations seekers who are looking for a powerful and loyal audio system, the new BLAM L165P is made for you. In fact, just as its name says, the L165P POWER has been created purposely for those who want to fully enjoy their favorite rock or techno tracks. Combined with a strong amplifier, you will obtain a high sound level but still very balanced who will allow you to live the emotions of your favorite concerts once again. Like all BLAM products, this range will let you take advantage of our “French Sound”, which emphasizes not only the melodies and the basses, but the vocal melodies as well. System includes two 165 mm (6.5”) woofers, two 25 mm (1”) soft dome tweeters, two high-quality low pass 12 dB/octave crossovers and two high-quality high pass 12 dB/octave crossovers, suitable for bi-amplification. High power 2 ways component system 165 mm (6.5’’) woofer Max power 180 W – Nominal power 90 W Frequency response 50 Hz – 25 kHz Sensitivity 91.5 dB – Impedance 3 Ω Available in 2 versions: L165P (full set with crossovers) L165P Active (without crossovers) Also available in BLACK EDITION (black woofers and tweeters) Composition L165P HIGH POWER WOOFER 165 mm (6.5″) woofer Max power 180 W – Nominal power 90 W Frequency response 50 Hz – 8 kHz Sensitivity 91.7 dB – Impedance 3 Ω Machined cast aluminium basket – Epoxy resin and glass fiber cone – Butyl rubber surround – Long life “Conex” damper – 32 mm (1.26’’) voice coil with kapton former – 85 mm x 20 mm (3.3’’ x 0.8’’) motor assembly – Thick magnetic circuit 5 mm LT25 HIGH QUALITY TWEETER 25 mm (1’’) high quality soft dome tweeter Max power 100 W – Nominal power 15 W Frequency response 2.5 kHz – 25 kHz Sensitivity 91.6 dB – Impedance 3 Ω High efficiency N38 neodymium motor BFW02 HIGH QUALITY CROSSOVER Low pass 12 dB/octave crossover BFT02 HIGH QUALITY CROSSOVER High pass 12 dB/octave crossovers Adjustable tweeter level to +3 dB, 0 dB or attenuated -3 dB Supplied Accessories: Mounting screws Tweeters accessories – Angled support included User manual
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